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Name : Lola Keyezua

Country: Angola


Title - “Faces of Pan-Africanis”.

If “we” Unite and provide Africans a new platform to individually tell stories happening in our continent. Africa will enter the twenty first century as a continent with a vision that goes beyond our cultural boundaries.

When I created I had the following thoughts in mind:

Today is a good day for artists to celebrate their freedom and use art to tell different perspectives of Africa using different forms of art contributing to development in its society, culture, education and economic growth in Africa.

Alleviating poverty and promoting good self-esteem to the self-identification of “I am an African”.

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"On the Pulse of Morning" -Maya Angelou


A Rock, A River, A Tree

Hosts to species long since departed,

Marked the mastodon,

The dinosaur, who left dried tokens

Of their sojourn here

On our planet floor,

Any broad alarm of their hastening doom

Is lost in the gloom of dust and ages.

But today, the Rock cries out to us, clearly, forcefully,

Come, you may stand upon my

Back and face your distant destiny,

But seek no haven in my shadow,

I will give you no hiding place down here.


Fortune cookie

Elephant Crossing, Namibia 2013

There was a large road sign depot near my house in Rundu that had stacks of these signs. I really wish I took one!


Elephant Crossing, Namibia 2013

There was a large road sign depot near my house in Rundu that had stacks of these signs. I really wish I took one!

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If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work; but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The path of those who preach love, and not hatred, is not easy. They often have to wear a crown of thorns.

Nelson Mandela

Cape Point, South Africa
Where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet.

It’s really cool.

Cape Point, South Africa

Where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet.

It’s really cool.

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Gendeni po nawa Madiba. Mpandu unene.

"Go well Mandela. Thank you" in Rukwangali

20 plays

 by Mbali Vilakazi

If you have 2 minutes, then listen to this poem, and I mean really listen to it. It’s good.

The Black Pimpernel
by Mbali Vilakazi

This hour upon the horizon is its own song; a dirge

But this is not the hour of yesterday

This is not the time for tears

Nor celebration

We have our work to do.

And we have been shown:

Wind of life blown without roots

to exile and iron fire grieving
Blood and shackled love

And those other things —
Those that remain undone

We have always been reaching

Before the smoke machines

And statues of bronze, and invention

Before martyr and metaphor

Before the truth, and the lies

Before ambiguous

And surface scraped clean

Of complexity

There were regular swoops on your Orlando home then.

There were the workman’s blue overalls and the Mazzawati tea glasses

And there was you —

The Black Pimpernel.

The fearsome shadow of purposeful stride

An AK-47 grip on necessity

A chauffeur’s hat and your pocketful of ‘tickeys’

You have always had your way.

Black fist of words raised beyond the precipice

You bore the burden:

Hammer, rock and

The lime quarry in your eyes

They say it affected your sight.

‘I am not a saint’ you said.

A man who seeks the hands of children in the crowd.

The terrorist and the statesman

The paradox comes home here

Where we remain.

Where a daughter will remember how she could not touch you

Behind the glass

Behind your smile

Mortal, man, one amongst many

You led yourself and lead us to the same.

Of what you could not give

We will remember that you did not take.

We will make our own meaning.

This hope, it belongs
It is ours

We claim it.

This is the hour of tomorrow.

And if we have stood on the shoulders of giants,

We are giants still

And giants, we will come again

Because we are all Nelson Mandela

And because the struggle continues.

"The Black Pimpernel" by Mbali Vilakazi. Copyright 2013 by Mbali Vilakazi.

Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika
Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo.

The world is now not less bright without Mandela, it is infinitely more bright for the very reason that he was here with us at all. Godspeed Madiba, we will continue your fight for equality.

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My Final Post: Reflections On My Peace Corps Service

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